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Guide and Rules of LEGO Users Group Singapore Forum

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Guide and Rules of LEGO Users Group Singapore Forum Empty Guide and Rules of LEGO Users Group Singapore Forum

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:47 am

About LEGO Users Group Singapore Forum

LEGO Users Group Singapore is a forum dedicated to people sharing a common interest and love for Lego. We are aiming to provide a friendly and welcoming forum for all fans and LEGO users. We are a non-profit, non-commercial and non-affiliation group. Your application to join LEGO Users Group Singapore forum is also your agreement to abide by the rules outlined below in order to maintain a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone. Repeated violations of these rules will result in permanent removal and ban from the forums.

Guide and Rules of LEGO Users Group Singapore Forum

Accounts are activated by administrators upon approval of application. All required information for application must be completed duly and truthfully before submitting. Upon approval, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address by the administrators.

Postings that violate the rules below will be removed by the administrators; administrative action will be taken resulting in warnings or complete banning from the forum.

1. Use of improper language will not be accepted. This includes, but is not limited to, proclamations, images, words and user names that are sexual, obscene, disrespectful, derogatory, repulsive, prejudiced, or otherwise offensive to others; aggravation or verbal attacks with intention to demean, intimidate, humiliate, or cause embarrassment to any another members; and material advocating or discussing illegal activities.

2. No posting of advertising, including business, websites, surveys, auctions, banner ads, links or any other promotional tags with the sole purpose for personal or financial gains. Solicitation for / of businesses, indirectly or directly of any kind is not allowed.

3. Strictly no posting of any pricing, sales, promotions or links related to in anywhere in the forum EXCEPT in the BUY / SELL / Trade (BST) board and in the Retailers and Stores / Prices and Promos board. You must not start discussions on pricing and sales other than in the specified boards. All members hereby agreed to the Guide and Rules stated in the LEGO Users Group forum and all must abide to Guide and Rules posted within each boards. Offenders caught posting pricing, sales or promotions, accidentally or with intention, will be warned or be banned indefinitely. Any unofficial postings will be deleted immediately by the administrators. Please keep the boards clean and easy for all to find the information they need in their respective boards and sections.

4. Posting pictures or links to other internet sites is only allowed if they do not violate the rules of the forum;
(i) Posting of any leaked, confidential or watermarked pictures related to or from any materials of The LEGO Group are not allowed.
(ii) Any pornographic related items, links or offensive sites will be not be tolerated and would be removed immediately by the administrators; All offenders will be banned immediately and indefinitely.

5. Intentional forwarding of files or links containing viruses, ad-wares, spy-wares, frost-wares, hijack-wares or other malicious content will result in immediate banning.

6. Text links in your personal signature may contain links to your website if it does not violate rule 2. Personal signatures should not contain the use of improper language as mention in rule 1.

7. To share your MOCs, customisations, designs or personal works, you may post pictures or thumbnails in the appropriate and right sections of the forums. Please try to keep the image file size small in consideration to aid bandwidth and benefit other members with slower connections. If there are more images that you would like to share, a hyper-link to your personal site can be added so long it does not violate the rules of the forum.

8. All rules apply to the use of the Private Messaging function. Any complaints of misuse on the Private Messaging function will be looked in to by the administrators and administrative actions may be taken against the offender.

9. All members are solely responsible for their posts and contents. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit, delete part of or the whole thread from a member’s post reckoned inappropriate.

10. Evaluation of the appropriateness or offensiveness of any content is at the sole discretion of administrators and Moderators based on the stated rules. Administrators and Moderators reserve the rights to take whatever disciplinary action they deem appropriate for a given violation, including warning, termination of account or complete banning.

11. The administrators reserve the rights to change, add or delete any rules deem appropriate to maintain and keep the forum a pleasant space for all the members to have fun and share.

12. No users of this board are allowed to conduct UNAPPROVED survey related activities. Any users who wish to post surveys MUST seek permission from Administrators before posting on-line. Any users failing to do so will be banned or terminated from this forum - no advance warnings will be issued.

13. Administrators have final decisions and rights to decide what CAN or CANNOT be conducted in this forum - and no explanations needed to be provided.

Compiled and edited by LUGSing CEC - dated 13/12/2011


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