Review: TMNT 79100, 79101, 79103

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Review: TMNT 79100, 79101, 79103

Post by CyanCyan on Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:57 pm

Doing a short review in the below 3 sets.

79100 - Kraanc Lab Escape
Mini figs: Michelangelo, Kraanc and 1 foot soldier
Scene: Michelangelo escaping from a chamber in Kraanc's lab.

79101 - Shredder Dracon Bike
Mini figs: Donatello, Shredder and 1 foot soldier
Scene: Donatello chasing Shredder on a propulsion skate board

79103 - Turtle Lair Attack
Mini figs: Splinter, Leonardo, Raphael, Dark Ninja and 1 foot soldier
Scene: Dark ninja attacks the lair.

If you are going for just the mini figs, these are the 3sets I recommend to get.
For 1, these 3 combi have all the turtles, plus Shredder and Splinter.
2ndly, these mini figs are by far still the most expensive to buy from BL individually. And for that prices, buy the sets is about the same, plus you get the whole package plus extra mini figs.
3rdly, they are not too big to store.

If you going for the series, then the good thing is, even for the Lair attack, you can position the parts quite easily. There is small little assemblies, so positioning them is quite easy Smile

As you can see, below picture, all 3 sets fits on the small plate.

Some close ups

This is actually a bonus for me. I didn't know this was in. A practice dummy of Shredder! I call it a mini fig as well o matter what:)

This is actually cute. 2nd floor there's an oven for pizza!

On the top, this represent the street level. There's a lamp post and a fire hydrant as well. The sewer cover can be opened by turning the wheel. It will flipped open.

Then there's this crane which I have no idea how it fits in. But then it has cool parts! Very Happy

Shredder's bike. This is one solid piece as usual by lego. Not a lot of moving parts, besides the wheel.
But I do like how they make the bike look badass with all the sharp and razor like features. And the wheels have proper suspension too! So you drop the the bike will "bounce" a little.

Some cons, these sets have a fair amount of stickers. So that's a boo boo. But hey it's turtles.
But there's a special!
For the turtle lair, they give a bricks separator tool! So if you did not have one, this is an extra Laughing

Overall I am super pleased with this. The rest of the mini figs is more affordable on brick link.
Thanks for reading! Very Happy
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Re: Review: TMNT 79100, 79101, 79103

Post by tankm on Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:35 pm

You spot on, bought the same sets just for the main minifigs. Very Happy

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